A Symology notice is a submission to the council informing them of your proposed works, when you insert a notice you add a proposed date which then will inform you of any conflicting works in the area.

Beacon TM can provide a service to our clients where we would insert the Symology notice on your behalf. We have numerous staff available to utilise this system trained to the latest EToN 6 standards. We can liaise with the council to discuss any planned traffic management and agree the best scenario for the job.

Symology/EToN Notices – Traffic Management Services


  • Trained to the latest EToN 6 standards
  • Notices managed from start to finish
  • Managed electronic notices on your behalf
  • Validating notices or permit rules
  • Frequent status updates to ensure notice is current
  • Liaising with all Councils to agree the best scenario for you works